We Officially Launch CKIE.COM

One of the great joys of writing for YD is the opportunity to see how designers envisage the future. Your ideas, concepts and even comments piece together a tapestry rich in optimism but one of the most commonly asked questions are “where can I buy it?” Because of your enthusiasm for design, I want to officially announce the launch of CKIE.COM, a new way to empower you to pioneer innovation.

Explore your CKIE

It all started with a name – one that exemplifies and encapsulates everything that makes a creative idea successful. We stumbled on an obscure mathematical equation by a group of think tanks; CKIE – the formula for creativity.

C (creativity) is a function of K (knowledge), I (imagination) and E (evaluation).

CKIE is a wonderful platform we built from the ground up to get ideas off conceptual papers and into the hands of consumers. This is crowd funding tailored for the designer and design enthusiast alike. It’s global, open to everyone in the world. Design is international. It’s not unique to any one region in the world. Big or small, it doesn’t matter if you’re an independent designer. We here at YD have always supported the independents and CKIE is no different. This is an opportunity for you to retain creative control by empowering you to reach for your goals.

With CKIE you get a Dedicated Account Manager, someone who supports and makes sure your project has a compelling story. You won’t ever be alone because someone is always there to help bring your concept to reality. Goods ideas deserve to be spread and with the help of Yanko Design’s broad audience, we’ll spotlight your project right here, accessible by the millions of readers who follow Yanko Design.

What are you waiting for? Explore your CKIE (seeky).