Inflatable headphones?!


Somehow the small earphones haven’t really reached their full potential. I still think that around-ear headphones provide the best listening experience. There’s little to none sound leakage, which means most of the outer noise gets blocked. Except around-ears are really cumbersome and clunky. The Supersuit in-ear earbuds in that regard try to take on their elder brother, the around-ears.

What makes the Supersuit better than other earbuds? An expandable hoop around the earbud design that can expand to block out any air gaps in your ear canal. Just press the black switch on the back of the earphone and the hoop locks in your ear. This ensures two things that absolutely change the listening experience. Outside noise doesn’t go in and vice versa. Additionally, the earbuds actually hold their position, making them more secure and less prone to falling out. An added third advantage is that one size effectively fits all! Happy Listening!

Designers: Gong Jie, Li Bo, and Chen Meiqi