Look Familiar?

If you think you’ve seen Ricardo Marcos’ Quatro chair before, then your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This beautifully crafted chair and footrest combination takes a great amount of inspiration from none other than the ultra-famous 1956 Eames lounge chair. It’s a fabulous, modern twist on the familiar fragment that is sure to be just as timeless.

The chair is composed of a main bent plywood sheet that holds the leather cushions. The armrest and back support is made by a two-piece bent plywood shell that helps the main piece stay in place. The handmade manufacturing process starts with two different molds (one for the seat, one for the two pieces of the armrest, and one more for the support/ottoman). Each bent piece is made of 28 thin layers of veneer glued together inside the molds before drying for almost two weeks. Once this process is complete the final veneer is applied (in this case walnut).

Designer: Ricardo Garza Marcos