Emergency Solar Cooking

This humanitarian design aims to aid emergency situations varying from refugee camps to disaster areas by providing an easy way of heating food when electricity is unavailable. The compact Solar Cooker kit can be shipped in large quanities, and can be assembled easily by nearly anyone in a matter of seconds. Simply unfold the mirrored, metal dish to reflect concentrated sunlight to the included cooking pots to heat food quickly, efficiently and safely.

Designer: Cheng-Tsung Feng


  • James says:

    Funny, they reviewed something almost exactly the same on the Gadget Show on Monday. This idea already exists and when it was used in a real situation it failed miserably. I think these solar panel ideas for BBQs just don’t generate enough direct heat to really work. I’d love to see a video of this in action to see if it actually works.

  • Sashidhar says:

    I’d like to convey my regards to Mr. Cheng-Tsung Feng regarding the concept. But i’ve tried making a solar cooker and to cook something, anything, the scale of the model has to be quite big. Its not really something you can carry around like the design suggests. Its a good design but i’d say it needs a few tweaks and you need to review it better.

  • Great! Maybe there could be something to attach weights like sandbags. I use a lot of umbrellas and beauty dishes for photo, and they can easily fall because of the wind. Wouldn’t want that to happen with the boiling water and stuff.

  • Ozgur says:

    Green concept, but this is done before: http://www.kerkenes.metu.edu.tr/keco/zdwn/09sgpraporek1.pdf Although it is in Turkish, you can understand from the pictures… One of the most important difference is the angle adjustment according to sun! in your movie, the products stands still, but in the real life the sun don’t! Don’t forget this 🙂

  • MDesigns says:

    Well, based on the pictures of the cooked soup, it looks like he did his/her homework. I think however, that making a fire pit is going to work better since fire is free…a proven system of thousands of years.

  • scout says:

    Seems unncessary. Any cub scout or boy scout can cook a full meal utilizing a cardboard box and aluminum foil:http://scoutingaround.com/boy-scouts/camping/78-cardboard-box-oven.html

  • Hunter says:

    The disadvantage to your reference is that it’s very large. The Ocak is designed for villagers in the Third World, whereas the Solar Cooker is designed for backpackers and nomads: it can be easily packed up and carried.

  • Hunter says:

    Fire is free … but difficult.

  • Olivia says:

    Verify interesting design. What is your reflective material ?
    Maybe a rotating leg could help adjusting the aprabola to follow the sun. As mentionned in an other comment, a larger area would give more power thus quicker water boiling. I really like the idea to pack two parabols together with food and water supply inside. Training of NGO staff might be necessary to explain use, solar cooker are not yet very known.
    Do you plan to put it into production ?

    PS: Fire needs wood and wood is not always easily available after a disaster !

  • Luther says:

    Been collecting and using solar cookers for about 8 years now, and I find a parabolic cooker with less than about a meter in diameter almost not worth using. I do have the SK750 which is 750mm and use it to boil a very small pot of stock when I’m making risotto, but that’s about it. Looking at this cooker in the mock-up, size in relation to the tents looks to be about a meter in diameter, two parabolas kind of mushed together.

    Only other comment is, if Solar Cookers International is correct, most deforestation going on these days isn’t for lumber, it’s for cooking fuel–very wasteful/tragic especially in “sun-rich” countries where much, perhaps all cooking could be done “solar”

  • great idea 🙂

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