Time for a Healthy Heart

This awesome timepiece by designer Adam Nagy combines the functionality of a clock and fitness pulse monitor into a minimal watch design that will tell you the time and your heart’s beats per minute in a really cool way. Hours and minutes as well as your heart rate are displayed on the screen exactly like an EKG graph! Just don’t freak out when the battery runs out and it flatlines!

Designer: Adam Nagy


  • Jimmy C says:

    It strikes me that having the time shown in the same manner as the heart rate is a bad idea. Sooner or later, someone’s going to panic because their heart rate is the opposite of the time of day. But other than that, this is the best sports watch I’ve ever seen!

  • Allia Khalani says:

    this is a very good watch

  • annelise says:

    How can we buy this watche? It’s amazing!!

  • Jeffrey L. Richter says:

    This is a watch I would find useful for the heart rate as well as bp as i’ve been walink alot in order to lose weight. It’s a pretty as well

  • Anon says:

    Where can I get this watch? I NEED it.

  • chandan says:

    i will need the price of the product and its shipment cost to india. please sent asap

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