Primping Up the Lamps

Unless you live in a vibrant city like Kula Lumpur, where you have such ornate streetlamps, chances are that you are stuck with drab energy draining streetlamps. Parasite is a Photovoltaic Lamp that parasitically hooks onto existing lamps and scaffoldings, primping the old. The PV cell system is modeled on the system designed by Spectrolab.

As the designer explains, “The cells are high in efficiency and use triple junction PV cells, brought to earth after extensive use in space. Their power depends on their nanotech wafer of GaAs (gallium arsenide), a modern material that has nothing to do with common Si (silicon) photovoltaic. These cells work at atmosphere 1 with extreme efficiency and can be forced further with a Fresnel lens, supporting a light intensity up to 1000 suns if correctly refrigerated. I estimated a 260-watt peak production in normal conditions while just covering far less than a square meter surface with these marvelous GaAs cells. Parasite tilts from a relaxed neutral position to 30° in order to harvest energy at its maximum, LED lights grant low consumption and produce an abundant number of lux.”

Designer: Mark Beccaloni


  • Quintin says:

    I like the way it looks and how it is designed to follow the sun during the day to charge! The name really isn’t good for the product, though… A parasite usually takes something from its host, this doesn’t!

    Also, isn’t there usually something atop poles that would be sitting right above the solar panel?

    Still, something like this would be much more interesting than the ugly bare aluminium pole with the fluorescent tube lamps that is by the roadside right next to our driveway…

  • MDesigns says:

    The bird pup extravaganza will render this solar panel useless. But the lamp body is a nice shape.

  • Antonio says:

    Looks great. If only they could be produced in mass scale… Perhaps with a sensor that turns them on when needed…

  • Jimmy C says:

    Fancy! I agree with Antonio on the sensor thing.

  • Alaor says:

    The cells are already the sensor. If they aren’t generating enough energy, it’s dark.

  • elsa says:

    clever, and elegant, too, brilliant idea.

  • Designer says:

    How many more times is this guy going to copy designs off other people? You are right about one thing, ‘a parasite usually takes something from its host.’ The many other designs this so called Mark Beccaloni has created has been copied from various sites. As for this lamp, my 3 year old can draw better with his eyes closed!!

  • Designer says:

    oh and like the many other negative comments this guy has had, watch these few negative comments disappear too. As an ‘artist’ you have to welcome criticism too, seems like this ‘designer’ only chooses what he wants to hear. ACCEPT the criticism and try to better yourself, or better still, BECOME an artist!

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