Adaptable Aquatic Fitness


Aqua Sphere is a physiotherapy product that helps users regain mobility by improving their strength after injury. Aqua Sphere can also be used for aqua fit classes or for maintaining general fitness. The user can change the difficulty of the workout by either changing the buoyancy of the device or the resistance. The user can change the resistance of sphere to make it easier or harder to move it through the water. If the ports are fully open there is less resistance so the water will pass through the spheres easier and the workout will be easier whereas if the ports are closed, there is less of a gap for the water to pass through which will increase the resistance and make the workout harder thereby helping the user to increase strength. To change the buoyancy, twist the sphere and pull the handle to open it. The user can then close it so that there is no water in the spheres and they can be used as floats or can still be moved in the water but with greater difficulty. The higher volume of water that is in the sphere, the heavier it will be which means that it will be easier to keep it underwater.

Designer: Chris Hester