Quick Shelter for Furry Friends

Here is a design that is sure to touch the hearts of most people! Inspired by his own compassion  for abandoned animals, designer Gyeongwan Koo created the design as an effort to give temporary shelter to cats, dogs or even  birds that need it. Simply push the pre-cut U and O shapes, fold, and voila! 

Designer: Gyeongwan Koo


  • laupforod says:

    most interesting idea, maybe as a redcross/animal rescue for disaster areas

  • Jimmy C says:

    I’m not sure about this one. Bad weather or any determined animal might make quick work of all that cardboard.

  • Hunter says:

    Never set cardboard outside for long.

  • Artificial baits include spoons, jigs, ribbon baits, rattler baits & streamer baits.
    Connect “A’s” positive terminal to “B’s” negative terminal.
    But have you ever thought about living in your boat full time.

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