Tiny Car Tower of Power

What you’re about to take a look at is a vehicle that may be shorter and more to the point than any car you’ve yet experience. This is the eSetta, inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta, made to be as compact as possible with its intent being set for the car sharing environment across the earth. Will its bright red and yellow accents be enough to entice you to get tiny?

This vehicle is inductively charged at sharing hubs which sit around your city, these places being where, like similar bicycle hubs, you’ll be able to unlock and drive a vehicle to your next destination and back – no sweat! The front door has a slide and rotate ability that allows you the driver to enter and exit via the sidewalk – frosting on the pie!

Have a peek and see if you’d be willing to ride one of these sassy little numbers around your local city!

Designer: Tony Weichselbraun