Suck Up Light and Draw It Thusly

The whole world still revolves around the writing tool – don’t you ever forget it. Designer Matej Korytar hasn’t forgotten it, taking the WACOM brand of digital writing instruments to a new level with the WACOM REALISM project: a pen with many abilities. This pen, an advanced stylus as it were, has the ability not only to instantly scan any real-world color and output it to your display and writing app of your choice – it’s got green power abilities as well.

This stylus has the ability to take the heat from your human hand and convert it into enough energy to keep the pen powered for its relatively low energy needs. With wireless connections unnamed as of yet, we must assume that some tech-forward Bluetooth or Wi-fi bond will be used to get the pen’s knowledge of colors to the tablet, Wacom pad, or computer of your choice.

Designer: Majel Korytar