The GerTent’s design bases itself on one of the oldest alternative nomadic homes from Asia… the Yurt

The Mongolian Ger (also known by its Russian name, the yurt) is one of those designs that’s stood the test of time pretty well. Developed as not a recreational outdoor shelter, but a traveling house, this circular gazebo-style tent allowed travelers and settlers to migrate from one place to another while literally carrying their house with them.

The reason the Ger has stuck around for so long is because of its ability to provide low-cost housing for all four seasons, while being incredibly easy to set up and move around with. Unlike most tents that style themselves on teepees, the Ger actually has vertical walls, giving you a habitat that’s easy to live in. Its design and construction makes it incredibly stable, while the ability to just add or remove layers of fabric around the Ger’s framework lets you use it throughout the year… even in the Mongolian and Russian winters. The Ger, or Yurt’s been around, practically unchanged in its format, for over 3000 years… Oovo Camping’s GerTent just makes it better.

Building on a format that’s been tried and tested for three millennia, the GerTent brings the traditional Ger into the contemporary age. It takes a mere 15 minutes to set up, but lasts all year round, providing a shelter that withstands all four seasons. The GerTent uses poles and fixtures made from extruded 6061 Aluminum alloy, along with 540gsm ripstop PVC flooring and waterproof + mildew-resistant Poly cotton canvassing around the sides and the top. The tent’s even been tested on-site in Mongolia, so if it can withstand Mongolian summers that go up to 104°F and winters that dip down to -40°F, it should work in most countries just fine! The GerTent is even tested for high-pressure rainstorms and high-speed winds. Its cylindrical shape helps optimally ventilate the space, while also evenly distributing heat in a way that makes it warmer in winters, and allows heat to dissipate faster in summers.

The GerTent folds down to two duffle bags that are small enough to fit into the boot of any car, but opens out to a tent with a 530 sq.ft. floor plan that can hold up to 8 people comfortably. The GerTent comes with four zippered doors, two windows, and two mesh-lined vents on the top. Tents can even be interconnected to each other to create modular housing units that can be used either for outdoor getaways, glamping, or while organizing events. The GerTent’s sturdy and stable design allows it to be used on river-banks, plains, deserts, mountains, or even inside forests. Its ability to be used around the year gives you the venture into the outdoors at any time of the year, and a 12-month warranty helps you ensure that you’ve got a product that can truly provide you with shelter all year round!

Designer: Saikhanbayar Sandagdorj

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Roam the World With GerTent

The legendary stability of the structurally round Mongolian Ger meets the innovations of the modern tent to introduce a durable, portable, affordable, and comfortable living space in a four-season tent.

GerTent Advantages

– Assembly 15-20 Minutes
– Total Weight 35kg (77lbs)
– Water, Mold & Damp Resistant
– Sleeps 8 People
– Interior Fire Compatible

Sturdy architecture. Trusted for 3,000 years.

The Mongolian ger has a unique architectural structure with a sturdy round shape that was introduced over 3,000 years ago due to its hardiness and ease of transportation required by a nomadic lifestyle. Using this same trusted architecture, with improvements from modern innovations and materials, GerTent has successfully tested against the strong winds of the Great Plains of Mongolia and withstands the harshest elements of all four seasons.

Setup in 15. Takedown in 10.

GerTent can be assembled in 10-15 minutes by two people and can be broken down and packed away in as little as 10 minutes. Not only is this ideal for the nomadic wonderer, but it’s perfect for natural disasters and emergency response teams to set up base and aid camps quickly.

Can’t transport a yurt? You can with Ger.

Separated into 2 bags of equal weight, GerTent is easy to carry and can go pretty much anywhere weighing in total only 35-40 kg (77-88 lb). Let’s see a yurt do that!

Don’t be a square. Round is here.

GerTent’s round design invites a welcoming atmosphere that is convenient and communal. It also allows for optimal air ventilation and even distribution of heat.

Space to stand, meet, breath, and expand.

Sprawl out, stretch, hold a party, host a gathering, or even add on additional tents. With GerTent, there’s always room to live the way you want to.

Not 1, not 2, but 4 doors.

A distinctive feature of GerTent is the 4-way door that emphasizes an open design and increases accessibility. The porch has a height of 1.8 meters (5.9 feet), so you can knocking your head as you go in and out. The other three doors are 1.6 meters (5.3 feet) high and can become very large windows during the daytime, as well as divide each room into separate bedrooms and connect additional sleeping tents.

Complete with Sky Window.

Highlighting a key Mongolian ger feature, the roof is designed like the crown wheel of yurts which provides access to light and air. And don’t worry, it has a fly and mosquito repellent mesh protection to keep out those pesky pests.

Your campfire—INSIDE your tent.

GerTent is a 4-seasonal tent, therefore it is possible to make a fire in the stove during the cold weather to keep the tent cozy. You can also cook right from the comfort of your tent. A chimney made from non-combustible material will not burn in +200 degrees.

Attachable Front Porch

The porch can be connected to the front-facing door. In addition to using it for storage, it can also be used to sleep 2-3 people.

Room Divider

Since GerTent has 4 doors, 2-3 households can make their own sleeping area and use it as a room.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,480 $2,240 ($760 off).