The Modern Man’s Razor

The Möbius Shaver, inspired by the unique qualities of the möbius strip, is a unique take on the simple razor that is as puzzling as it is visually stunning. The 1mm stainless steel handle forms a continues band that half-twists at the end to create tension and increased sturdiness. Though it’s an altered form of the common razor, it’s just as ergonomic.

Designer: Penghao Shan


  • eno says:

    nice looking thing, but the angle and the grip just wouldnt work for me….

  • Quintin says:

    Looks very cool, but also uncomfortable to hold…

  • Nathan says:

    This is not a moebius strip. The moebius strip has the aforementioned half twist to create an endless contour. This does not.

    An interesting piece though. I think it looks great, but it would be nowhere near as ergonomic as the smooth, grippy razor handle that I choose to use.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I agree, this would be hard to hold in the right direction. I appreciate the idea, it just wouldn’t feel right.

  • deadcat says:

    the model itself is not of mobius, but i see how it can be done.

  • Allanbritto says:

    i love the minimalism

  • nithin says:

    look wise cool … but its complicated

  • Dr.A.Jagadeesh says:

    Very Innovative.

  • Mr. Mack says:

    That is all about the modern mans razors..that is really good metal product of shaving is just ergonomic & stain less steel. and good to shave beard..thanks to share with detail & pics.

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