UFO-inspired MagSafe wireless charger is here to add a sci-fi touch to your desk

MagSafe wireless charging is one of Apple‘s most unique features that sets it apart in the smartphone landscape. Add a bit of geeky spice to the contemporary MagSafe charger and you get this cool accessory to flaunt!

With the MagSafe charger, Apple brought to the fore easy snap-and-go charging to the equation. The perfectly aligned magnets hook on to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series for faster 15W charging. So, Apple lovers can keep on using their phone even when it is wirelessly charging which is a problem with other wireless chargers on the market. The popularity of MagSafe chargers means iPhone users don’t have to be restricted to Apple’s official accessories. The likes of Belkin, Mophie, Anker and Satechi make the buying decision crystal clear.

For geeks who want more than just a standard MagSafe charger for their den, the UFO MagSafe Wireless Charger will be the preferred choice. This cute-looking accessory for the Apple ecosystem is currently just a concept design, but we want to see it make it to the shelves. It’s like a UFO riding on the back of your iPhone 13 minus, all the shenanigans of gimmicky gadgets. The accessory is minimalistic in form and doesn’t go overboard with the spaceship design. UFO MagSafe strikes on first look and doesn’t fade away like other flashy accessories. In fact, it grows on me every time I have a glance at the realistic renders to churn out this write-up.

When charging, the transparent dome with the Android-like being looking you straight in the face lights up with a warm glow as soon as the iPhone is snapped onto it. Now that’s going to act as a cool bias light for people who are in a habit of staring at their phones in the pitch dark. At least with the UFO MagSafe charger hooked on, your eyes will get some respite, even if for some time!

Designer: ZCool