Dream Beemer

Inspired by the artistic and structural works of Santiago Calatrava, the BMW i-FD bridges the ultimate driving machine’s fine-tuned engineering with a dynamic and fresh aesthetic. Aggressive, shark-like lines add a futuristic touch, but the overall design is a realistic and elegant take on what future Beemers might look like.

Designer: Feliciano Ruy-Díaz


  • Jimmy C says:

    Very nice.

  • Allanbritto says:

    very nice concept but Calatrava would’ve expose some structure….

  • tom says:

    Yes, it’s a car … where is the part inspired by Santiago Calatrava ? … transportation designer are stupid to try to find a reason of her design when they have nothing to say. This projet is nothing, it could be just a small sketch on a paper tissu it will be the same interest. Next.

  • Tuan says:

    Very nice concept. Stays true to BMW’s aggressive vision.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    BMW produce this, some for the Rental market & for Sales, awesome, super bad.

  • MDesigns says:

    Barely adecuate renderings, unresolved surface treatments and strange perspective distortions tells me this is a young student. Styling is underwhelming. But he should be encouraged to sharpen his skills. Carry on….

  • Che says:

    Almost looks cheap like the newer Dodge Charger or similar sedan.

  • zuan says:

    nice design

  • Chris Masterson says:

    Looks like a Beemer to me! I could see this on the road sometime in the not too distant future. The BMW grille catches the eye as usual.

  • Hunter says:

    Cheap Dodge Charger? Where were you all during 2012?

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