Buzzzzzworthy Webcam

Inspired by the robust body of the bee, this stylish Bluetooth webcam concept is characterized by colorful accents on the front and sides that can be customized to taste. The versatile design is attachable to any size monitor and features a front camera that can be tilted up or down.

Designer: Anoop M.


  • Quintin says:

    A ‘normal’ monitor usually has usb on the back to connect a webcam to. Any recent laptop probably has a built in webcam.

    Why mess with a wireless device that needs to be charged every time (and connected/paired…).

    It looks cute, but I don’t think there is a market for something like this…

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very sweet looking. I especially love that it is wireless. I can appreciate this because some of my laptops don’t have webcams.

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