This futuristic wireless charger doubles as a magnetic power bank

Is the wireless charging we do today really wireless? The charger is still connected to a power outlet using a wire, and your phone needs to be placed precisely on the charger to charge successfully. If anything, wireless charging today is actually port-less charging, because you don’t need to plug anything physical into your phone… but is it wireless? I’d probably say no.

The MagEZ Juice makes perhaps the best case for what wireless charging should truly look like. Attach your phone to the MagEZ Juice to charge while you work, but it also doubles as an emergency battery pack when you’re out and about, supplying your phone with power without being tethered to a plug-point. It’s truly wireless design practically gives your phone an extra battery to work with. Now THAT’s what wireless should mean, right?

Designed by the guys at PITAKA (who gave us the MagDock and Air Pals for AirPods), the MagEZ Juice leverages wireless charging in a uniquely helpful way. The wireless MagEZ Juice is a nifty dock that lets you charge your device conventionally, using cables – the dock even doubles up as a charging stand for your phone, allowing you to place your phone at a 45° angle at your desk while working. Built into the MagEZ Juice is a portable wireless power-bank that magnetically attaches to the back of your phone (using a MagEZ Case) to give you as much as 20% more battery life no matter where you are, even if you’re on the move.

With pass-through charging technology, the MagEZ Juice ensures that while the power bank is recharging, it delivers power to your phone. Both devices have an adequate supply of power for you to go about your day without worrying about a depleted battery. Even if you need to make a move, and your phone has yet to fully charge, just slide it out of the stand and the MagEZ Juice wireless power bank slides out too. The power bank provides your phone with the emergency pick-me-up it needs until you get home or to the office.

The MagEZ Juice and its power bank are crafted from military-grade Aramid Fiber and aerospace-grade zinc alloy. These are the signature materials for all of PITAKA’s products, resulting in the MagEZ Juice being sleek, portable, durable, as well as highly resistant to overheating and wear-and-tear. Along with the magnet-embedded protective smartphone case, the MagEZ Juice gives us a taste of what wireless charging should be. There are no cables, no having to place your phone on a pad and patiently wait for it to charge… truly wireless, truly portable, and truly freeing!

Designer: Lionel Huang

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The power bank that you don’t need to charge. The MagEz Juice is a combination of a power bank and wireless charging stand, you can charge your phone wherever you are: at home, in the office or on-the-go. Attach your phone to the MagEZ Juice and use it as a portable power bank, or install the wireless charging dock on your desktop with the removable gel pad, slide in the power bank, and turn it into a wireless charging stand.

Exclusive Structure Design

Slide up to use as a magnetic wireless power bank.

Stands at 45º, the Best Angle for Charging

The wireless charging stand mounted at 45 degrees provides you the best point of view to monitor the screen of your phone. Never again miss out on important messages while you charge.

Charging Simultaneously Both your Phone & the Power Bank

Thanks to pass-thru charging technology, MagEZ Juice prioritizes charging your phone, while also juicing up the power bank battery. There’s no need to charge your power bank again.

Universal Compatibility

The MagEZ Juice wireless stand is for all your Qi-enabled devices. Just attach any Qi-enabled phone with the MagEZ Case and charge begins.

Using as a Survival Wireless Power Bank (2000mAh)

Tiny size while delivers an extra 20% power to your phone. MagEZ Juice is compatible with MagEZ Case. The embedded magnets-matrix allows it to attach easily and auto-align with the phone and charge wirelessly. Just attach and charge.

Built with Military Grade Aramid Fiber

Lined with a piece of dedicated aramid fiber and aerospace-grade zinc alloy, the MagEZ Juice provides reliable charging, with excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.1 $79 (10% off with Coupon Code: ToYDReader). Hurry, for a limited time only!