Really Really Smart – Part Two

Looking for the perfect marriage between a digital scale, measuring cup and a mixing bowl? Your search ends with this awesome SmartMix! A notch up from the SmartMeasure Cup, this mixing bowl allows you to add and weigh ingredients both by volume and by weight, while preparing the recipe. The scale allows you to convert between the most common units, and tip in the elements with accuracy. Best of all, you can detach the bowl for easy cleaning and stow it separately. Superb!

Designers: J. Ryan Eder & Chris Daniels of Priority Designs


  • Jimmy C says:

    Nicely done. Although, of course, I would measure the ingredients separately and put them in a different bowl, but that’s beside the point.

  • tom says:

    i wouldn’t….

    i would be doing it all in that puppy, less washing up!

  • Wing says:

    Does conventional tool really bother user?

  • Wolfi says:

    Where can i by this?

  • Wolfi says:

    Where can i by this? In

  • Lavonne says:

    I want one, where can I get one?

  • Want one of these cups

  • Want to buy a measuring cup!

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