DIY Postcards

I love the fact that we can setup our own photo printing system at home and get creative with it. However there is the limitation of routing the pictures via a computer and then printing them. The Postcards Printer eliminates this step; it doubles up as a digital photo frame and a printer. Creating excusive postcards for posting or just plain photos, both options look awesome with it.

Designer: Sun Feng


  • Rob says:

    Nice. The day when the hardware for this fits into a volume like that will be a marked achievement.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Quite clever, especially the side scrolling printer.

  • Charlton says:

    I love the concept, it’s like the mini Poloroid printer I bought a few years ago for digital cameras and mobile phones – it’s an old idea with a new slant.

  • Hunter says:

    Why not just make a series of apps? Much cheaper for you and the consumer, and the consumer doesn’t have yet another thing to charge.

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