Get a Spider for Cloud Computing

I am still coming to grips with cloud computing and storing all my data online, however this seems to be the direction the tech-world is taking and so gadgets must follow suit. We have here the Spider Computer, a portable device that relies on a projected screen and laser keyboard to offer you a ready computer on the go. It relies totally on the “cloud” factor and even doubles up as awkward phone.

Its three legs can easily be folded out, allowing it to be placed on a flat surface. The mirror head opens, and the projection is directed towards the table surface or a wall. Digital correction compensates for angular differences in projection versus surface. Working prototype was made for technology, user studies and research. When legs are folded into the body, it becomes a mobile device, used as a phone, for messages etc. Circular LCD display with graphic interface. It can be carried in your pocket and brought anywhere.

Designer: Nikolaus Frank

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  • Jimmy C says:

    Laser keyboards have really never been the best for typing. It gets painful after a while. But it’s pretty clever to use it as a phone.

  • ZzDr.Fred says:

    I don’t care if it is prototype…. I want this now.. technically a computer that is smaller than a mini umbrella folded up.

  • Rob says:

    I like the concept. A device that is purely interface between user and cloud. Laser keyboards need an IR sensor at the table surface and that surface has to be flat, so these legs aren’t needed.

  • The future is here, and this post proves it. This looks like something you would see in the movies. Like a 007 style style gadget from a Bond movie. Very cool, thanks for posting.

  • Rawwhale says:

    Where could you ever find 4 or 5 square feet of completely smooth, uncluttered table space in a pitch-black room to use this?

    Projectors and laser keyboards are not the future, they are the past. I know I threw my laserkeyboard out 6 – 7 years ago. I think this could be a decent presentation tool but I would make it one projector with an on-screen keyboard (not two unbalanced projectors in one tiny unventilated tube). No one will ever use a circular LCD to read messages they can’t respond too instead of a touchscreen phone that does wayyyy more than this concept (and works in sunlight!).

  • Captain Mary says:

    Honestly, it sounded cool in the beginning…. but then it got me thinking…. if I type with this product, it’s very likely that I’d spend more time looking at the keyboard rather than the screen. Have anybody ever wonder why there are two tiny knobby things on the letter F and J? It’s designed to act as a guide, so that we know where to place our forefingers even without looking down at the keyboard. It is designed in such a way so that people can focus on what they’re typing instead of which keys their fingers are pressing….

  • Wassim says:

    where can i buy this stuff?

  • sell ipod says:

    This looks amazing, it’s great to see such advances in technology and the cloud is really becoming a valuable resource for many people and businesses. Got to love new technology!

  • Kiran says:

    Please move the spider i cant see the display….

  • Killian says:

    1. The screen projects onto a flat table meaning you’re going to be looking down the whole time…ow my neck

    2. How are you supposed to see through the thing to the screen? Even if you see over it, this distracting creepy robot from Pixar’s the Incredibles is going to be in your field of vision the whole time and after 2 minutes of doing anything I would rage quit the world.

  • nick says:

    i would like infomation,I would be keen to bring this to australia, how much wholeslae per cloud computer

  • ema says:

    I am going to read all posts in your blog. It is so helpful.

  • M. K Rehman says:

    unique idea Brilliant

  • Jordan says:

    When you come out with the product you should have it as the same price as a laptop are maybe more you lr invention wi spread faster and you can increase your price

  • Thom Jordan says:

    Is this the sameerson/team that orignally presented this concept in 2009 (see video):

  • Alexander B. says:

    I like the idea but still have reservations about storing my data online. Is cloud computing really secure?

  • ZEESHAH says:

    it is so good concept i want this what is price of this

  • prajina says:

    Where can i buy this stuff

  • Levelvirus says:
    It had announced in 2009 already… the same designer?

  • Marla says:

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