For Aspiring DJ’s

The RSON8 is a touchscreen controller for aspiring DJ’s, talent required, although it does make mixing music a lot easier for noobs. The device has grooves where digital buttons appear allowing one to augment track(s) and levels. The screen also uses next generation tactile feedback substrates so you can literally feel the sliders. And if you’re still scratching your head as to how to pronounce it, try “resonate”. Hit the jump for a video.

Designer: Vibhas Jain

Resonate DJ Controller Concept from Vibhas Jain on Vimeo.


  • Linke says:

    One very stupid design. this is a designer who doesn’t understand deejaying in context and in depth, and trying to design something out of nowhere. Yes touch screen is cool..but what.

    1. how to you beatmatch this thing?
    2. how do i setup cue points for different tracks?
    3. How do I monitor where I am playing now? how do I monitor what song is coming up next?

    You obviously didn’t study how different djing technique is used in different environment (scratching is the shallowest~duh). I assume you are trying to design a deluxe but without all the essential stuffs above. This design is useless. Don’t event get me started on the input and output jacks and methods and all the Aux methd

  • Henry says:

    I practice DJing as a hobby and I completely agree with you. This is missing a lot of the key components even for a beginners controller, such as loop control or FX parameters

  • SC says:

    Agree with the above comments. Nice design but missing the real fundamentals – No play button? No cue button – and no loop controls.

  • Hatillari says:

    I like it!! I see it more as a speaker and not so much a professional equipment and you have to admit the design look good.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I must agree, this was dumbed down a little too much.

  • Hunt says:

    Why is everyone on this site so damn snobby and harsh? Oh, right, you’re all designers.

    Not to start a flame war with Linke, but Linke is a rude person and they just irk me. Why don’t you try constructive criticism instead of being a dick? (Even though I agree with your suggestions).

    I think the idea behind this thing is awesome even if the designer has a lot more research to do.

    Neat idea, needs work. Nice renders.

  • Grammar Police says:

    Have to say, hole for micro usb jacket is more like designed for mini usb 😉

  • PhonoCrono says:

    This could be done with and iPad.

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