No Ordinary Scale

I never think of food scales needing to be redesigned but gone are the days when one could leisurely walk into a deli or butcher shop and discuss the finer details of food while waiting for their meats to be prepared. We live in a hyper fast reality and that means just enough time to get in and get out. The Avery Retail Scales bring touchscreens, RFID tags and wireless goodies to the table but does it make for a better experience?

What’s it do? In a nutshell, you have a food scale with a detachable, wirelessly connected touchpad that can offer up suggestions on foods and flavors that compliment each other. You’d be surprised how many people don’t understand which wines best accompany a salmon steak. I sure didn’t until guess who told me? Yes my local fishmonger. But that’s just one person who can’t possibly split their time between all the customers in line. This device can also detect RFID chips in food packaging. All this information is supposed to give shoppers collective and instant access to the experienced recommendations of the sales staff along with cooking tips, sales, current offers, health and nutrition info.

Designer: Daniel Carter