Lance 2.0 – Next-Gen Glasses Offer More than Luxury

There’s just so much to be commended about the Lance 2.0 Glasses. Style aside, they literally use the finest materials, manufacturing methods and trims possible, so the eyewear isn’t just all about the aesthetics, it’s also about the craftsmanship and the amount of R&D that’s gone into developing something that’s absolutely top dollar… much like the distinction between a regular wristwatch and a Swiss-made timepiece. From the use of Italian Acetate to the choice between high-clarity Sharp® and Fade® lenses with Smudge-Resistant, Anti Fog, Anti Glare and Anti Scratch coatings, to genuine titanium hinges that promise to extend the spectacles’ lifetime manifold and even to the development and the use of a special shape-memory metal alloy (used in the Space Industry) that flexes but doesn’t break, the Lance 2.0 gets points for taking the time and the effort to do every single thing immaculately. Oh, they even go as far as to make the entire spectacle out of hypoallergenic materials, so style doesn’t come at the price of comfort.

Available across multiple styles, in a variety of materials ranging from metal to acetate frames, the overall style of the Lance 2.0 is best termed as evergreen. The styles base themselves on years of classic looks, and don’t disappoint. Each element of the spectacle is examined carefully and is even hand-finished to perfection. However, the most noteworthy quality of the Lance 2.0 is its premium series that features the use of a shape-memory alloy bridge that allows the spectacle to literally flex and bend without breaking. In fact, the spectacle frames (every single one of them) come with a ten-year warranty on their quality. I’d say that’s putting their money where their mouth, err, eyes are.

Designer: Lance Team

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Lance 2.0 reinvent the lightest luxury smart glasses. They are the first luxury glasses that combine the finest materials and design with the most advanced technology to make life look better.


Extremely Bendable – Lance Premium Smart Metal Bridge uses Memory Shape Alloy.



Reduce the glare and see clearer with their Sharp® Lenses or choose the Fade® Lenses that automatically darken when you go outside.

Fade® Lenses – Eyeglasses and sunglasses, instantly in the same pair. Quick change. Fade lenses are clear indoors and darker to 70% in bright sunlight.

Sharp® Lenses – You can choose between the view lenses with blue light protection and sunglasses lenses.

The main source of HEV light in our lives is the harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital screens. Lance 2.0 gives you the option of The Sharp® Lenses. These are the most evolved digital life lenses and the nanotechnology coatings act as a shield against blue light from your daily exposure to screens.





Lance 2.0 offer a choice between high-clarity Sharp® and Fade® lenses with Smudge-Resistant, Anti Fog, Anti Glare and Anti Scratch coatings, along with genuine Titanium Hinges.




High-quality metal or Italian acetate obtained from hardened cotton flocks are used for the frames, in order to create an exquisite final product. Their weight and smart bridge will make you forget that you’re even wearing glasses.


Team Lance believes that the glasses are an extension of your body, and not a bother. They should complete your style.


Lance 2.0 Sun Clip.








Lance Classic Glasses


Lance Premium Glasses

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