Modular Paint Brush

It’s a standard 4″ paint brush but the width can be varied by removing or adding 1/2 modular bristles. The synthetic hairs are attached to a stainless steel ferrule that mounts onto a spring steel handle. This actually look like it might work although it begs the question, why wouldn’t you just buy a good disposable brush in the first place?

Designer: Virang Akhiyaniya


  • Dan says:

    good concept but fails to grasp usability, it must be mighty uncomfortable to paint with a handle like that

  • Erik Moen says:

    This is what happens if your kids only hear about a concept and see it on video, but never actually get to try it for themselves. They become useless designers.

  • tom says:

    Something very small interesting here. But the product itself is usless, you can’t “push” the brush with a finger, especialy the thumb.
    Be designer, be smart, and IMAGINE THE PRODUCT IN REAL LIFE !!!!!! with a model made of trash’ things you can see than your project is not good, not at all.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Erik Moen: Parents! This is what happens when you raise kids with no manners. They become useless commenters.
    @tom: Obviously, if you can see a model that they actually made there, they went one step better than just imagining it.

  • ankit says:

    good concept

  • Vistasp says:

    Concept is brilliant for a cost effect paint brush for various sizes. I see potential buyers. Amazing for small and emerging markets for a low cost alternative to buying a number of brushes of different sizes.

  • Urvesh says:

    Nice concept. Smart and simple solution to the problem. Appreciate the effort of making a mockup.

  • devraj says:

    Keep it up. also as urvesh says…mockup effort is comendable. good concept. try and make another and better version of this one! CHEERS!

  • hitesh says:

    nice one viru…keep it up ..!!

  • hitesh says:

    nice one ..!!

  • Shruti says:

    Good idea!
    Handle could be refined further for better grip tho..

  • Jay says:

    Brilliant…. Simple bt very impressive … Kee it uP bro….it seems dat paint industry people will contc u vry soon …all d bst..:)

  • Robert says:

    Great idea. However I agree with everyone else. Does not look overly comfortable. I’m sure with carefully thought out modifications it could work.

  • mike says:

    Great. Still needs improvement, but I would buy it for sure. Good solution for a REAL problem.

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