This minimal Japandi-style coffee table doubles up as the ultimate cat home for your pet!

If you have a cat or two at home, then you know that they manage to weasel into almost any corner of your home, leading you to search for them for hours to no avail. They appear when they want to, they disappear when they feel like. Is it your cat’s home or your own? You’ll never know. But I do believe a well-designed piece of furniture, created especially for your kitty, could be a solution to this problem. It could provide your cat with his/her very own spot, a haven for them to cozy up in, and indulge in some much-needed me-time. And, Julia Kononenko’s Miu is a brilliant example of such a design!

Miu is a minimal and elegant coffee table, that would fit perfectly into your living room, functioning not only as a stunning centerpiece but as a comfy nook for your cat. Something about Miu almost reminds me of a mushroom! A circular wooden platform serves as the tabletop, whereas the lower body is bulbous in shape and a warm chocolate brown in color. The bulbous body is hollow from within, with a little kitty-sized entrance. Your pet can easily enter the table, and snuggle up inside. It’s your kitty’s own personal den! A soft cushion inside the table makes it a super comfy space for your cat. The legs of the table are cushioned as well, and also quite stubby! They are so cute to look at.

Miu is unlike other complicated and bulky furniture for cats, it’s a simple and clean design that caters to both humans and pets – functioning as a coffee table for us while also doubling up as a cat home! It’s the perfect integration of a furniture design and pet product.

Designer: Julia Kononenko