Manly Modern Timepiece

I like my watches like I like my lovers- on time and looking good! Seriously though, I prefer a sleek, minimal yet masculine design that will achieve those two simple things. The Lepidus collection is for the purist who knows what they want. In carbon, steel and platinum finishes, this is a modern man’s watch through and through. Just look at this hunk wearing it!

Designer: Adrián Castro


  • Quintin says:

    Does not look very manly too me… They look more like very large ladies watches.

    That ‘model’ looks like he doesn’t have very small wrists, yet that watch is very big on his wrist…

  • Joony says:

    It is clear that the designs are excellent and very good taste!
    The large size justifies and accentuates the male.
    The design? … Exquisite, very fashion for men, I think being born a new trend …A collection of trend!

  • Rebbeka says:

    I think it’s a very deferent watches collection, sophisticated and elegant, I love it!
    To see if the men decide to change and risk using sensual fashion accessories! Excellent designs.

  • Tony says:

    Maybe for you it is not, but there will be many people who might like this look!, The designs are very good!
    The essence of manly is not in the object but in the attitude of the wearer.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think some of these are very nice!

  • Francesco says:

    Modern, well defined and timeless. I love this clock and its design! Bravo! 😉

  • Stark says:

    Amazing cool design!
    I want it.

  • Francesco Tiso says:

    Modern, well defined and timeless. I love this clock and its design. BRAVO! 😉

  • mif991 says:

    I agree with Quintin, it does not look manly to me, but they are beautiful nonetheless and will be attractive to some (and exclusivity is a good thing). Good job.

  • wow

    this style is really good and grate idea
    then am really impressive

  • so much bigger than it needs to be!

    I would think that would make bending your wrist back pretty annoying.

  • juergen says:

    for sure a well designed watch but to sell it as very Manly is for sure the wrong pitch. Also if you look at the guy and the way he carries the handbag and why is he naked?

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