Go-anywhere Chair


The Nika Chair is the result of a brief set by Herman Miller UK to design a personal and enriching piece of furniture that would be utilised by rural school children. Many of these children travel great distances to school every day and are not guaranteed a seat in their classroom, which means that they end up on the floor. The transition from classroom to education outdoors occurs frequently because of the severe heat indoors. The piece of furniture had to be adaptable and had to be capable of withstanding amplified weather conditions. Taking the above into account, it had to be simple to understand and easy for a child to assemble. Designer Fraser Leid approached the task with a mindset to ensure that every child would have their own seat. The final design is lightweight, portable, weatherproof and durable. By combining the properties of a hardshell plastic case with repurposed wooden legs to make the framework sturdy, the satchel can be utilised as a seat or work surface.

Designer: Fraser Leid











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  • Olivier Lernoux says:

    I love the shape of the cushion. Seems comfortable and I love the shape, the idea of it with the zip. You could maybe find a way to flip the feet in position. lot of bothering to install it if you are on your own. Better avoid the sit to lay on the ground while putting the 2 separate feet.

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