Stop the Overflow

End number of times I’ve had to ground my children for carelessly leaving the bath water running, leading to an overspill. Not only is it cardinal wastage of a precious resource but also the additional work of mopping up. A simple gadget like Water&time promises you no more wastage. This intuitive valve screws onto any regular faucet and turns off the water automatically after its timer goes off. You simply need to figure out how long will it take for you to fill up the tub. I think its suitable for the kitchen sink as well, don’t you?

Designers: Xiaolu Zhang and Yuelong Liao


  • Jimmy C says:

    Clever. Start patenting!

  • sharkman says:

    yeah! i think it’s a good idea.and i think it would be better if change the way to control the time.

  • Dave says:

    Nice. But if the water flow is reduced or increased, the amount of water will be different from what is required.
    However, this problem can be solved..
    Good job.

  • macjob says:

    Very nice, I want it.

  • Hunter says:

    This problem would be solved if you placed a magnetic flow meter on the faucet just above the product.

    But it’s a little bulky; I doubt most consumers would want such a device taking up space in the bathroom or kitchen.

  • elisa berger says:

    It will be available for sale when?

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