Light in a Manhole

Ever wished there was a hole in the floor that would open up and swallow you in? Wishing for a similar safe haven, we have designer Chuang Chihong’s version; The Gully Cover Light. In his words, “the design suggests an imaginary space beneath the floor. It gives the impression that there is a refuge underfoot – a place to which we could escape.” The light turns on when we lift the manhole cover, and switches off when we replace it. I think it’s a clever way to bring the outdoors in!

Gully Cover Light is a 2011 reddot design concept entry.

Designer: Chuang Chihong


  • Jimmy C says:

    Hah, that’s pretty good.

  • I had never thought of that! brilliant!!

  • Steve says:

    I’ve seen led light panels used to illuminate film sets and also have seen sewer cover throw rugs, but never thought of putting the two ideas together. It’s also nice to see a design that seems to be an actual product and not just cg concept art.

  • Kevin says:

    Very interesting. I could see people seeing this in real life and having to stop to see whats in the sewer, only to find out it’s just a light. This brings out the curiosity in people!

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