Need More Cabinet Space

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of looking in my cabinets at all the different size and shapes of plates and bowls that seem to eat up all the storage space. Bowls for soups and salads, small plates and large plates-the list goes on forever. Now with a new design from Aleksey Belyalov, my problem of lack of storage space is now history. 2Side is a design that has brought together two different types of plates and made them into one. The deeper side can be used for soups, stews or salads and the side that is flatter is perfect for cakes, meats and the like. The plates can be stacked onto each other to help save space and create more room for other things that need to be stored in the cabinets. A perfect solution to a problem we all have faced. 2Side is available in both black and white color schemes.

Designer: Aleksey Belyalov