Moto Chair

Just when you had gotten used to straddling the motorcycle seat- now you’ve gotta switch to sitting in a big comfy chair!? What a pain in the ass! OK – so that’s not an actual problem… but if it was this would be the solution! More aesthetically charming than practical, the Biker Chair reinterprets the seating position on a bike to a woven leather chair that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Designer: Jang Woo-seok


  • Quintin says:

    I’m not getting it.

    How (what way) are people supposed to sit on that?

    Looks more like an art object (I don’t get that also, too big) than a chair.

    I want my chairs to look comfortable…

  • Tim says:


  • Rahul Shirbhate says:

    even bike seats are more comfortable than this… 😛

  • Johnny says:

    My taint hurts just looking at that chair.

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