Riot Slower Downer

With widespread protesting and rioting on the rise, it’s no wonder that concepts like this have become a more popular design subject. Disperse is a system of transportable triangular units that can be arranged in combination to create a series of honeycomb paths that rioters must weave through to reach the destination on the other side. Like the name suggests, the aim is to disperse the mass of people into manageable numbers that law enforcement can safely contend with.

Designer Hsu Sean also hopes that the system would also calm rioters progressively as they worked their way to the other side. It might be wishful thinking, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless!

Designer: Hsu Sean


  • Kevin says:

    Path of least resistance: Nice concept, but this would have to be a very wide barrier or it won’t work on the street. The protestors will go around this if possible. Maybe this will work around doors or other narrow entrances, but don’t expect this to work out in the open. Also depends on how quickly police can move and set up barriers.

  • michael says:

    the state would rather shoot protestors.

  • Frank says:

    Right, like the rioters are just going to go into cattle cars. LOL. This will just be added to the burning cars, on and what happens if you throw a molotov-cocktail in there while other rioters run in to be arrested?

  • Jen F says:

    Well, this makes me a little sick. There are some legitimate riots, but the description here seems to allude to the movements in the middle east and occupy Wall Street movements, among others. How about designing something to keep totalitarian governments from ruining the planet for the rest of us?

    Here’s some free advice to the designer: the cops are often not on the right side. Why not use your skills to promote freedom instead of control?

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Jen F: Because uncontrolled freedom isn’t a good thing. Protesting is fine, but when it gets violent, that’s when the police go in.

  • Sammy says:

    @Jen F: No such thing as “freedom”

  • Rajeev says:

    This reminds of Nazi concentration camps !

  • Rahul Shirbhate says:

    Dear Designer,your idea is good but not practical.
    Protestors are not dumb how would they easily come into this trap? After knowing its a trap then they will start pelting stones & fire balls on other side. This will make protestors more & more violent, this violence may spread across the other parts. Thus result will be damage of public property, transport system, loot of shops & malls, burned cars & buses and much more…
    Simple idea to keep them away, calm & cool by shooting water jet! Water will be used for both, to keep them cool & to extinguish fire balls.. Keep it simple silly… 🙂

  • Adam says:

    A perfect example of a designer getting snowed in and looking at a situation and not looking at the big picture.


  • guy montag says:

    As a designer I can’t imagine any other designer thinking of something so hilariously degrading in all seriousness. Therefore, I can only conclude that this is a rather crude joke, intended to make us think about our civic rights to protest and the state’s effots to stop us.
    In any case, Hsu Sean succeeded in causing this discussion we’re having right now.

  • Erik says:

    Pretty sure emotions will not be cooled down by going through that.

  • I propose that the next design is a new concept in electric chair or stun gun …

    Like many others I am a little shocked that such proposals are actually made ​​by designer … It’s a taste of more than doubtful.

    And personally I would be ashamed.

  • soundz says:

    so dangerous…without talking about emotions (that they will try to destroy it more than nothing else)… just because of the crowd, people that are waiting to go trough this would just die !!! cause if it takes a bit of effort to go in it, some people may have more problem to go trought… and then it will start to be a human pressure, physically speaking !!

  • enrico says:

    are you a cop? for sure you’re not a designer.

  • Helen Warde says:

    I live in the Middle East and I totally agree with Jen and Thibault among others . You cannot be serious when you discuss the efficiency of a ‘riot brake’ when you ,by your job , are supposed to be educated and interested by human comfort wellbeing .It’s clear that such a proposition can only be brought by narrow minded people , not aware of the policies that we have endured for decades in this part of the world ,and that we are finally overrunning ,and at what a price ! …

  • Kid says:

    Wishful thinking for sure. Great concept in theory, but in all practicality, not so much.

    What if something dangerous (Molotov cocktail, smoke grenade, etc.) is thrown into a cubicle while someone is in there? What if someone gets hurt while in the cubicle – how easy is it to dispense medical attention within the middle of the barricade? What is the set up time (riots are often spontaneous)? What prevents protesters from climbing over or going around? Cost? Construction? Storage?

    It seems more issues are created with this design than solved. Again, in theory, great. I solute your effort and process. In practice I’m not sure this is a viable and convincing solution. The world just doesn’t work that way.

  • for the designer. Do you protect the system? Are you a cop? or a politician?

  • Karl says:

    Well, I’m sure once they’ve been melted a bit by petrol bombs they’ll break off and make handy riot shields for the protesters.

    It’s such bad taste that I’m surprised you haven’t suggested using them as advertising space too. Maybe instead you could have them pre-loaded with generic protester slogans which they can hold up once they’re all smashed – “Occupy ______*” “Freedom for ______*” “Vote Newt _______*” (*enter slogan as applicable).

  • designer for clients says:

    Okay, there is general agreement that this concept doesn’t work. No problem with that.

    However the fact that people are shocked that someone would design this is astounding. The implication that all rioters are good is unbelievable. Gandi and Martin Luther King Jr would never condone rioters, peaceful protests yes, rioting no.

    Furthermore, hate to burst peoples bubbles about designers, but designers who create handguns, fighter planes or other weapons systems are still designers.

    I appreciate the design simplicity and functionality of my Glock as much as I like my Apple Magic Mouse.

    This pious indignation is horsesh*t.

  • Geordie Cushway says:

    if they have the time to put this up during a riot, then why not put up a wall

  • Jen F says:

    Right. Check out what some of the occupy protesters have been arrested and charged with. The police get involved when it becomes uncomfortable for someone else’s money.

  • Alaor says:

    I’m laughing here. Sorry.

  • emmo709 says:

    Ignoring some of the political comments above and concentrating on the design, these are some of my opinions:

    The design isn’t very practical in terms of deplyment and storage – other systems such as Hesco Bastion (although it doesn’t have the same design aims)concertina out and allow effiecient and quick use.

    Is it filled with anything? a lightweight plastic shell, even if interlocked, would just be pushed out of the way by large body of rioting people.

    It lacks spatial awareness, for both the authority wishing to maintain control and for the rioters. The police would be hit with a gradual flow of people and the rioting group would just regroup on the opposite side, starting again and therefore no effect. The only variation on this would be if the police arrested each person as they emerged and in most societies this would be acceptable, and rightly so.

    Its my opinion that the lack of spatial awareness would also aggrevate rioters and increase tension not reduce it as stated.

    a better option may be to reduce the height of the system to around 1.5m allowing both parties to see over, but adding mechanisms to restict rioters climbing over.

    As already suggested above, fire is often a component of riots and therfore MUST be thought about more. Imagine a petrol bomb thrown at the police which falls short and lands on other rioters in this system! no help, no way out, melting plastic = a grim death and the system would be banned forever.

    another consideration may be to make the passage through the structure one way, if that hasn’t already been done.

    Thats all i can think of for now.

    theres nothing wrong with real protesting and theres nothing wrong with security systems, its how each is used that matters and as long as protests are hijacked by people wanting a riot for fun these thing will be in great demand.

  • danvhenry says:

    What’s to say they’re not just going to see this and pull it down or burn it?

    Innovative concept but I’m sure if the police wanted protection, they’d build a concrete wall

  • Esteban says:

    cool design! why dont you design a gas chamber for the nazi now? this kind of desing makes me sick

  • rplatter says:

    I don’t see this as effective in temporary deployment situations, but the idea has a lot of potential. Not so much as a riot shield, but as a blast barrier and traffic calming scheme.

    I see something like this used in the entrance ways to metros, public buildings, train stations, airports.

    I would remove the flexable fingers though. Just the lack of direct path through will slow the rioters. And every time they need to make a choice they gain some distance from the group mind of the riot.

    Also having small compartments used in entryways makes installation of scanning equipment much easier. And the compartments could be blocked off if a sensor is triggered. Smell explosives => the compartment locks and the person is contained until security can deal with them. Something suspicious => only open a path to further screening. etc. Metal detectors could easily be built into these and the multiple layers will reduce false positives and false negatives.
    In an airport, this could almost totally change the security scanning.

    replacing the ballards around public buildings with a perminant (cement) form of these will reduce the exposure to vehicle bombs too.

    I think the lightweight plastic will probably need to be filled with water to have enough mass to prevent them from becoming wall used to push the police out of the way.

    And I see the temporary form too expensive for stockpiling. Chain link fences and barb wire are cheaper and store in a much smaller amount of space.

    Lots of potential though. I like the idea.

  • andrea says:

    I find this a very superficial design concept… it would take too long to deploy if there’s an actual riot going on, and if it’s already deployed in front of a group of protesters they’ll never be stupid enough to engage it.
    Very likely the protesters will choose another path, leaving a body of police completely unused, or maybe will just burn it since it’s made of plastics.
    Last but not least, any protester has some reason to protest. A good designer should work to make society better and reduce those reasons, not to make society more oppressive. If he’s just interested in earning money he should study how to do financial speculations, he would succeed in robbing the savings of people much faster that way 😀

  • Steve303 says:

    Policeman: Sarge! I’ve Been ‘it in the head by a rock!
    Police Sargent: Who threw it?
    Policeman: Not sure coz all those Porta-Loo’s have been stacked in front of us.
    Police Sargent: Can I smell burning plastic?

  • Hunter says:

    So now police are going to carry about a wall?
    I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but angry mobs like to move as a group — around walls.

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