Ultimate Action Cam

The E-Clips video camera expands on the capabilities of the compact handheld with an easy-to-use system of quick-release mounts. The snap-and-go design makes it possible to seamlessly transition between uses in seconds. Snap to a bike, attach to a helmet, or mount it on any other surface and control power and recording options wirelessly using the included digital wristband!

Designer: Christopher Terella


  • mauricio_id says:

    Very sleek Design!!! Love it!

    I would only have one question. How is this different from a GoPro without a watch?


  • anonymous says:

    Reply to Mauricio.
    I have a few thoughts.
    1.Go Pro cameras are not hand friendly.
    2.Go Pro cameras are not designed for “quick” release mounting.
    3.Go Pro’s buttons can be difficult to operate with gloves. This design addresses that issue.
    4.The design provided intuitive convenient status on battery + memory life = easy to operate.
    This design is more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Carol says:

    where can I buy one for me ?

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