Spin Doctor

No relation to the band, but this groovy headphone is interactive and allows you to play with your music. It features a 4-axis-directional button on one side; this is to pick the samples available on the SD card. The other side features a rotatable part to scratch your MP3 on the go!

I’m a mobile DJ now!

Designer: Victor Declety


  • Jonny V says:

    pretty damn cool design, good intentions

    sooo what happens if you fall asleep on the bus and someone cranks it up and busts the speaker?…

  • I think this is a fantastic idea. The design is flawless.

  • Kid says:

    Cool concept. Nice render. Leave the sketches out. They detract.

  • Rawwhale says:

    These are clearly Beats by Dre headphones with a big ugly grey plastic ring around them, complete with logo. If you turned this in at a design school you would fail or be expelled.

    The concept itself is sort of interesting, except every mp3 player and phone has a DJ app which don’t require scratching your head as the controller. Everything about this, from the SD card to the awful button design (whats the big red panic button doing?? why four buttons to navigate a list of samples??) is a decade behind the market.

  • ? says:

    u are right about the logo,
    but the concept of navigation is amazing,
    – you don’t need to have a long
    wire connected from your mp3 to your headset.
    – and even if you used a wirelss remote, or blutooth or what ever you will have to hold it in your hand all the time..
    in this way u don’t look for the mp3, mobile or what ever.. it’s always accessible as long as it over your head.

    still, using the logo is a bit of .. non professional .

  • Rawwhale says:

    Look at the concept again… the user is “remixing” the songs from their mp3 player with samples stored on a SD card in the headphones. It’s not an mp3 player headphone.

    The buttons on the side are ONLY used to “pick the samples”, you still need to use your mp3 player to change songs and volume.

  • Ron says:

    The band looks too flimsy and the earpieces are huge.
    They look like earmuffs.

    An alright idea, with a tacky, hot wheels-esque design.

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