Smartphone is Super Flexi!

When it comes to concept design and exploring the possibilities of user experiences, we have seen some radical thinking come across like a lightning bolt. Fine examples are the Bento Box Laptop and the Napkin PC. This time around we are looking at a smartphone that serenades as a lampshade (charging cradle) when not in use. The design explores the usage of flexible LED screen to the hilt. Moreover the screen is a tad bit exaggerated to mimic a curvy tablet. So are we heading to an era of overstated phones that are understated tablets? Looks like we are!

Designer: Nari Lee


  • anoush says:

    love the concept.

  • We really are very close some of the futuristic ideas seen in movies like iRobot and Minority Report. Couple this technology with cloud computing and we’ll be accessing our files from anywhere in the world without having to carry anything physical.

  • Rawwhale says:

    This is AWFUL.

    You could never get content to fit on that screen, it would be brutally painful to hold, impossible to take anywhere, its not a phone and its a clear lampshade (wtf??),

  • Nick W says:

    Dont be so negative, the design and idea are beautifull, indeed might not be all that practical.

    I love the concept

  • FLX says:

    I just have one question: Why?

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