The Joy of Winning!

Jonathan Ive says that a designer needs to “solve a problem in a way that acknowledges its context.” Given that the iPad is as perfect as a tablet can get, it does have some limitations when it comes to creative usage. To address this, the team at Adonit came up with not one but two award winning (2012 iF Product Design) solutions: The Writer Bluetooth Keyboard & Folio and Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus. With a goal to design products that will empower users to create a more vibrant world, we think their story is inspirational!

Writer Bluetooth Keyboard & Folio by Adonit

The Writer is the perfect companion for enhancing the productivity of your iPad. The keyboard body consists of sleek aluminum. Its scissor action keys respond to your every thought with that familiar click as you easily glide through paragraphs. Writer will provide you with the comfortable and efficient typing experience iPads are missing.

Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus by Adonit

Jot is the functional, fashionable, and accurate stylus for capacitive touch screens. The ballpoint allows you to hold your stylus at the angle you’re most comfortable with, and the aluminum body has a familiar weight and feel to the highest quality pen. The transparent precision disc provides a clear line of site, giving you unrivaled tablet accuracy.

Available: Adonit


  • Black Arts says:

    I think as a designer we should really accept that in fact the design and functionality of the iPad are fundamentally flawed. Look at the designs above – both of them basically turn the iPad into something else; namely a laptop and a graphics tablet.

    Better, more complete solutions exist for both those activities. If the iPad is supposed to do those things but can’t without turning into a completely different device then it’s a bad design solution. It’s not fitting the users’ needs and the interface method isn’t good enough.

    Yes, I know. I said the iPad isn’t perfect. Please send all death threats to [email protected]

  • Bob says:

    If you need a tablet with a keyboard, you should have bought a laptop. The design is nice though.

  • LmwODO says:

    He is right the pads !pure design when you biol it down is just a deviation of an ipod touch neither are well designed to deal with alternative inputs when it comes down to it and if apple meant for it to be such way they would havwi given it a usb port or thundebolt I/0 but I do admit these supplements do indeed provide a simple fix for the pads flaws

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