Sustainable Streetlamp

Sculptural sidewalk element by day and super-efficient streetlamp by night, the Windtulip is a great example of one of the many changes we can make in our public areas in order to reach environmental sustainability. Harnessing the power of the wind, compact turbines generate and transmit energy from transformer to battery before the lamp’s light-sensors activate the LED.

Designer: Mebrure Oral


  • Quintin says:

    Looks beautiful.

    Unfortunately, small wind turbines generate very little power. I’ve seen street lamps with solar panels on top to charge the battery. That seems more useful (but less like an artwork, like this)…

    Cheaper to ‘run’, too… A wind turbine is more complex (needs bearings, a braking system for in high winds, etc) so it needs regular maintenance…

  • meysam says:

    it is real or only a plan ? made this plan anywhere ? which company i want to buy this.

  • Amelia Wurzbach says:

    I want to buy this too. Where can I find some for sale?

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