The Only Water Bottle You’ll Need

There’s no ignoring the fact that single-use water bottles have a deadly impact on the environment, which is precisely why we love a good multi-use water bottle design. The GOBIE H20 bottle is the eco-friendly brainchild of designer Rusty Allen, and it has a number of qualities worth bragging about: 100% BPA free, 22 oz capacity, enhanced ergonomic body and mouthpiece, non-slip base, and best of all- a built in replaceable filter, a feature that tends to be left out of a lot of designs despite being super important to the user. Better yet, the filter works as water moves out rather than in, making the filtration process much faster.

Materials: Eastman Tritan™ copolyester combined with a TPE material in the blue squeeze grip, a finger loop, cap and base, carbon filter.

Designer: Rusty Allen