If Pro and Air had a Baby!

Given that they really need something bigger than Siri to captivate us, Apple rumors of a fusion version of the Macbook Pro and the Air are gaining wind at great speed. If Creative Soul Jørgen Langevad had his way, then this new Apple MacBook will be the way Job’s legacy will continue. To make the marriage work, Langevad has changed the harddrive to a flash based SSD and completely removed the optical drive. An OLED Display or a LG Shuriken is suggested, plus Quadcore processors being the trend, Intel’s next gen offering Ivy Bridge will be the perfect fit.

Designer: Jørgen Langevad


  • ermhmm says:

    whats so different? other than the internal specs the design seems to mimic the current macbook air. The only difference I would like to see in the current airs is the black frames around the screen.

  • tom says:

    Too much work for a ridiculous result … why people spend time to do this king of thing, without any interest … crazy

  • Morgan says:

    I think the baby would look more like this:

  • Jimmy C says:

    Are you kidding? It’s beautiful!

  • Johnny says:

    It looks like every other Apple laptop. Where’s the design innovation here?

  • Kevin says:

    you should give up all your dreams as a design, this is the worst thing i have seen with no innovation what so ever.

  • Olternaut says:

    What the hell is a matter with you? The designer did a brilliant job! I fully expect Apple to come out with their macbook air inspired macbook pro refresh along this design almost exactly.

    • Hunter says:

      What the hell a matter with you? The designer did nothing.
      There is absolutely nothing new about this design.

      Go to BestBuy. See?

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