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It’s the digital age and social media is our new friend. Sites like Facebook already let our friends know what online newspaper or article we are reading, so it’s only natural for technology to want to bridge the gap between the surreal and paper. The next time you have a book in hand and want to immediately tweet a quote; you’ll probably have something like the Kuote to help you out.

This nifty device is adept at copy-pasting text from paper to the digital world, thanks to its Internet connectivity and intuitive micro lens beneath the glass surface.

Here is how it works, “to use Kuote, place this piece of glass on anything that has text on it. The micro lens inside will reflect the image beneath to the embedded camera. The optical character recognition (OCR) technology can detect the edge of each character and translate it into a digital text format. Circumnavigate the edge of the hole with your finger to move the cursor, and then select the text with a finger drag. The text will be highlighted as if you were using a marker. Swipe upwards with two fingers to use this selected text for a Tweet or a Facebook message, or save a note in your could storage service. More gestures can be pre-set to activate a specific service. Swing the Kuote to reset it.”

Kuote won the 2011 red dot design concept award.

Designers: Xu Tao, Wang Junfeng, Christina Yang & Gong Yanyan for Orange Labs Beijing


  • Mike Lambert says:

    Alternatively, you could buy a Kindle and Tweet directly from there. Something I’ve been able to do with my 1st gen Kindle for at least a couple of years.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Mike: Well, some books aren’t on the Kindle, or maybe you just don’t want to buy the book.
    Nice design. Can you make it a little bigger?

  • Mike Lambert says:

    @Jimmy, agreed. But I’d guess that most ebook readers and the like will be able to share pretty soon. So this leaves just the printed word. Which admittedly is still huge!

  • cellia says:

    Do we need extra dedicated device for doing that?
    I think it should be better to use smartphone platform( with camera).

  • rbuss says:

    Alternatively, you could use the C-Pen which is on the market already: The pen format makes it easier to find the start of the text and the end of the text, which seems to be a problem in the above description. The link to twitter is not there, but as a general input device it works as advertised.

  • theVoid says:

    do we really even WANT people being able to tweet / facebook things the second they read them? Think about it.

  • Hunter says:

    Who are “we”?
    Some people might want to do this.

  • raf says:

    Good work good design

  • arşiv rafı says:

    This is incrodible program this is real ?

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