Enhancements for the Visually Impaired

The Sentire walking cane is the result of a study into visually impaired users’ preference between various tools for mobility including the standard cane and guide dog. Merging the advantages of each, this design features a carbon fiber body for reduced weight and extended life as well as enhanced ergonomics for a truly custom feel. Fine tuning these smalls details means complete comfort and added safety to this everyday necessity for the visually impaired.

Designer: Nathan Hollins


  • Teto says:

    Can be closed?

  • Grey says:

    Sweet. Next step would be for the cane to pick up when it gets to an intersection, so that its user doesn’t need the dog.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Huh. That does make a lot more sense.

  • Excellent and considerate design.

  • eurichs07 says:

    Is that a spoon at the end of the prototype? Good use of everyday materials for early prototypes 🙂

  • Nathan says:

    Due to one of the major safety features being a flex-band, it relies on the structural integrity of the cane itself: therefore the cane is a fixed model.

  • Nathan says:

    Ironically enough, one of the first prototypes using this design direction actually used a spoon. However this prototype in particular uses a 3D LMS stainless steel tip: not ideal but portrays the form and function well.

  • Jeff says:

    Looks promising; great job Nathan!

  • Mario Rosado says:

    Interesting concept any follow ups to this design? Im designing one myself, any tips or advice? thanks

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