Happy Moos!

A winner of the 2011 Red Dot Product Design Award, this product is unique in that its main focus is to please animals rather than humans! The Care-for-Cows brush is the result of designer Andreij Nylander’s extensive research into cow behavior. In short, it keeps them clean and happy! More-so, it improves the social climate which increases milk quality and overall production.

Designer: Andreij Nylander with Sveaverken AB


  • Gil Grimes says:

    Where can I get this? I have a horse that would love to have this.

  • Sofia says:

    i think it’s an amazing idea 🙂

  • MDesigns says:

    I hate to ask this: By how much more does this improve milk quality and quantity? Or is it a subjective statement? I give you props for the design, not for its claims.

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