Air Propulsion Yacht

What a beaut!  Aguila Design’s Xi yacht uses a remarkable series of aero and hydrodynamic qualities to maximize steering ability, maneuverability, payload, and of course… speed!  Immediately apparent is the yacht’s unusual, spaceship-like, fluid shape- purely arisen from its functionality. The interior features unique, transformable spaces that are convertible at different levels to accommodate for varying numbers of crew and passengers as well as all the necessities for living a life of luxury at sea.

Designer: Aguila Design


  • Ayana says:

    i’m speechless…very creative .. and design is fabulous! Congratulations!!!

  • Robert says:

    Gravity and forces. Good design is nothing Without functionality. Otherwise, Interesting idea.

  • Brautigan says:

    I’m virtually certain that the designer has never in their life piloted a watercraft of any sort, not to mention any study of fluid dynamics.

  • chris says:

    i must confess im sceptic… but i followed the link to
    i also wonder why the motor housings look like they do..

    this thing is interesting and the design definitely polarizes…

    greets Chris

  • This is something which can be called an amazing creativity. All the designs are wonderful.

  • mr.mind says:

    Imagine, the first big wave will finish this “yacht”:)
    Cause – wrong front-side. Wish to learn more theory, dear designer.

  • Hunter says:

    Yet another design that runs on magic.

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