EGG-citing Citroen Concept!

The Citroen EGGO concept by Damnjan Mitic is a breath of fresh air in a world full of hot-rod speedster concepts. The electric coupe is powered by 4 motors built in to each wheel that can be supplemented with power from a solar panel roof. The egg shaped provides a compact, strong structure & glass, scissor-style doors ensure total visibility of the area around the vehicle. ATV-like suspension makes for a comfy, adjustable, & weather-ready driving experience. Perfect for the hot soccer mom of the future!

Designer: Damnjan Mitic


  • Kelly says:

    The design is gorgeous and the renderings are breathtaking.

  • Quintin says:

    I like the idea behind this and a lot of the other electric cars here.

    But, as I said before: designers should just read a little theory or take some physics classes… No room for batteries and <1m2 of solar panels to generate enough power for the entire car? Look at how much energy a typical solar panel generates and how much energy an electric car needs. You'd need over 6m2 of solar panels to power a very efficient car on a very sunny day.
    Read about unsprung weight and look at what happens when you drive a top-heavy car around a corner at speed.

    Also, at least in the EU there are laws about the shape of the front of a car. It has to be relatively safe for pedestrians, should the driver hit one.

    It looks pretty, but it will, unfortunately, never happen…

  • Yeah Quintin you’re right! The design is good..very good but I see enough places to put batteries in the bottom..but…anyway..good design..

  • fil can says:

    I love the design!

  • heavystarch says:

    Quinton – you are right – Having the electric motors in the wheels increases unsprung weight which will affect the suspension and acceleration. However by having the electric motors directly coupled to the wheels it will eliminate the parasitic drive train losses found in most cars (which can rob as much as 15-20% engine power).

    However a benefit of having the motor in the wheels is lower center of gravity – plus the batteries sitting beneath the driver/passenger again maintains that low center of gravity. Looking at the design of the egg shell it would seem the heaviest components are at the very bottom of this design – NOT top heavy. If the Eggshell body were made of plexi-glass,carbon fiber and other lightweight composites this could be a very balanced design.

    I’m not sure how they would get around the EU Pedestrian Safety Impact laws/designs but there might be an exception for super eco friendly and compact models like this.

    Obviously current solar technology won’t do much for the batteries in this concept but with time that should improve (hoping it’s radical improvements in efficiency). Same goes for battery technology. We’re going to see increased power density in batteries/capacitor banks or some new storage technology come along to revolutionize EV’s.

    • Quintin smits says:

      Heavystarch: there would need to be a very large improvement in battery technology too. I really don’t see much room beneath the seats… Take the space for the construction into account, too… Wouldn’t want to have things breaking at speed…

      Look at the solar race that’s going on in .au right now. These very efficient cars need their complete surface covered with PV, weigh only 250 kg including the driver and can’t go faster than ~95kph (less than 60mph). Thats in the burning sunlight in the desert.

      Current consumer grade PV panels convert between 10 and 20% of sunlight. High efficiency PV gets up to 48%.

      A heavier car with significantly less area for PV and a less aerodynamic shape will never get up to usable speeds running on PV, even with 100% efficiency. Not even on the equator.

      You’ll be able to partly recharge your batteries, if you park it in the sun for a while… But with the size of current battery tech you won’t be able to squeeze much power into this car…

      So many promising battery technologies have been in the media that are never heard from after that… You’d almost start to believe in conspiracy theories…

  • MDesigns says:

    I agree with Quintin a bit. But most of the proposals posted here are near impossible to engineer. But this is a good site if you want to dream and get feedback. By the way, if this vehicle is for the soccer mom, where do the kids ride?

  • Oh, I really like it!

  • visualkev says:

    And where are the bumpers? I think front and rear bumpers are mandatory.

  • Sérgio Werneck de Figueiredo says:

    The egg format will be the most common design in 50 years.
    From there to on, the wheels will be removed and vehicles (capsules) will levitate in electromagnetic tracks and will not need more electric motors or even batteries.
    This project would be more advanced if the steering wheel were abolished, the doors opened literally to the roof, protecting access and egress of the occupants and didn’t have no old fashioned door push/pull handles.

  • id says:

    which software? rhino?

  • MDesigns says:

    @ Sergio: “the egg format will be the most common design in 50 years”…Says who? Do you have or know of a website that explains all this? It sounds interesting.

  • Jeff DeWitt says:

    The steering wheel isn’t going away as long as we are still driving cars ourselves. It’s simple and it’s familiar.

    Most people these days can’t even figure how how to use turn signals, put them in a car with a joystick and the only people who do well will be the lawyers filing the lawsuits.

  • Hunter says:

    I, for one, am glad we have Sergio Werneck de Figueiredo (who apparently is from the future) here to inform all of us stupid people (stuck in the present) about the impending demise of rational engineering and efficiency of transportation vehicles. Without him, we’d all be in the dark!

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  • Francois says:

    You should consider actually taking a course in physics. The USA now has solar panel technology where solar cells are actually part of the glass but cannot be seen. Unfortunately, it’s a well guarded secret. However, the Egg is just a novel idea for a society that isn’t intent on getting everywhere FAST. But, you are too young to remember the 20s to 50s.

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