Double The Fun

I always get bummed about trying to hook my USB stick the wrong way; such a simple thing and yet so frustrating! Amends are being made to the design as we speak, which is why the 2-TOP dual-sided USB flash drive makes perfect sense. It’s all about the user experience and convenience I tell ya!

Designers: Xing Xing Deng & Shurun Shen


  • Thibault says:

    That’s a completely bullshit, you can’t know in advance if the USB port is mounted in the conventional way or not on the computer.

  • Alaor says:

    It’s pretty obvious you didn’t understood the idea.

  • Marimo says:

    Why didn’t I think of this earlier!! Argghh!!!

  • Mario says:

    This can Not work as USB is a classification standard which you need to license, you would not get approval for such a use if USB 2.0

    Actually there are plans to create USB plugs in to future (14/15) that will be reversible, until then just use a lightning plug that Apple has had for years.

  • Zereoue20 says:

    The next USB is already going to be reversible.

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