Ergonomic Chopp-ing

I hate the process of chopping ingredients while cooking so I rely heavily on those German contraptions that you see on teleshopping networks. However there are times when I envy the kitchens of Masterchief and all those glossy tools and equipments that the participants get to use. The Chopp – chopping board looks fit enough to be in one of the shows. It’s a board with interchangeable functionality and features a hollow base to hold all the chopped food.

The board and its components are made of high density Polyethylene and the base is made of ABS PC all of which are fused with Antimicrobial to help kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The board includes two storage containers, a cheese grater with storage container and interchangeable heads, a preparation aid for fruit like apples and pears etc, an egg holder and a feature for cutting fruit and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers etc. Inspired by the Wii Fit Balance Board, it kinda reminds me of the One-Hand Kitchen Equipment, designed for folks with limited limb motion.

Chopp is a 2011 James Dyson Award Entry.

The James Dyson Award is an international design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers. It’s run by the James Dyson Foundation, James Dyson’s charitable trust, as part of its mission to inspire young people about design engineering.

Designer: Alastair Crompton


  • anoush says:

    awesome dude. love the 2 point perspective at the end.

  • svito55 says:

    nice design, but let me tell you: this guy -or girl- really doesn’t do much real cooking. and doing all the chopping with a paring knife? good luck…

  • majed says:

    great but ware I can 1 of those I don’t see any website

  • Eddd says:

    If you start cutting e.g. an apple your knife would most likely not align with the grove at the bottom of the part, leaving the apple halves still connected.
    I guess this doesn’t have to be a narrow groove, if you make it 10 mm wide, the apple will still be held in place

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