This mini vacuum cleaner cleans while hiding in plain sight!

This mini vacuum was built with style and function equally in mind. At first glance, it could be mistaken for an off-brand hydro-flask or a portable speaker. This ambiguity works as a visual advantage. Car passengers and desk mates will wonder how you keep these spaces so clean (not realizing that your secret weapon may be hiding in plain sight). They might even compliment your new olive-green accessory.
The vacuum’s slender, cylinder design allows for easy storage in your car or desk drawer… and these are the exact areas that the product was designed to clean. It comes with two attachments: a narrow nozzle that can reach debris in tight corners and a slightly wider one rimmed with soft bristles that can suction dust from inside an air vent or in-between your laptop’s keys. Basically, it cleans the spaces that other handhelds can’t reach. Also, the vacuum comes with a removable cap to keep the debris from escaping the canister… so you won’t have to worry about cleaning messes a second time.

Designer: Yifanzi J