Plug Aid

These cute smiley plugs have a very good reason to be cheerful. Their friendly disposition helps you to unplug plugs from the socket with ease. A gentle push on the back knob and simple mechanics help dislodge the prongs from the deathly grip. Ask me, I’ve broken many socket plates in attempts to pull out plugs, either I use too much force or they are of bad quality! These Push Plugs will help my cause.

Designers: Jeong-woo Han & Seul-gi Oh


  • Nice design! Probably extra helpful for people with rheumatism too!

  • Ray says:

    Is there a point in putting the design on the prong side of the plug? If anything put the design on the side that will not be covered by the wall.

  • Runbritt says:

    Not so smart to make friendly faces on electrical appliances. Appealing to kids = hazardous.


  • Aliza says:

    Cute idea!

  • JiWoong says:

    other way around, it is not smart to put hazardous shapes also, looking like it is dangerous and should not use it. besides you already know, theres hazard notification tag on the line already.

  • michael konieczny says:

    you have to pull in the white part and push against the black part. If you push on the black part alone nothing will happen. has this really changed anything?

  • Yatim says:

    i think so ,nothing will happen

  • Jimmy C says:

    Clever. It doesn’t have to be fancy though.

  • Biju Neyyan says:

    Yep!.. Pushing with your thumb might aid you in pulling with your forefinger… that’s all..

  • Bharat says:

    Ya,this doesn do anything apart from the faces wic go against the wall,,, wen u push the knob…nothing really happens…u keep pushing n it will remain there itself…it wont even move an bit.

    but would look gud without the black knob, with jus the faces, ans wen unplugged!!

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