This thrilling mechanical watch’s semi-circular dial is inspired by a car’s speedometer

Watches and Automobiles have a richly intertwined history. Not only are watches used to measure things like speed, lap-times, and decide who the winner of a race is, there’s the obvious overlap when it comes to the intricacy of automotive machines and mechanical watches. Cars, boats, planes, watches, are all complex mechanical beauties that are a combination of multiple intricately engineered parts coming together to create a piece of high-octane art… and they’re all objects of sheer desire and luxury too.

That beautiful overlap between cars and watches is ever so present in the INFINITY II by OLTO-8. With a clearly automotive-inspired design language, the INFINITY II is a watch that’s as adrenaline-boosting as seeing a luxury supercar pull up in front of you, or watching the top go down on a convertible hypercar. Its drop-dead appeal lies in a number of details, the most eye-catching being the watch’s face, which features a one-of-a-kind semicircular dial, inspired directly by the car’s speedometer. The dial features two rows of numbers (in edgy, automotive-style fonts) – the outer ring reads the minutes, while the inner one, in semi-circular fashion, indicates the hour of the day. The intricately assembled dial even sports a subdial located off-center, near the 6 o’clock position, that indicates the passing of seconds. Both the hands and parts of the dial come coated in Swiss Super Luminova, allowing you to see the time even at night. The dynamic multi-layer watch-face is incredible to look at yet extremely intuitive to read. Large numbers, available in both conventional Arabic as well as Roman numerics, make the INFINITY II easy to read at a glance… although with how captivating the dial looks, I’m guessing the INFINITY II isn’t the kind of watch you can simply just glance at!

The unusual semicircular time-telling format is powered by a redesigned MIYOTO 82S5 automatic movement that’s visible through the partly skeletal dial, sitting within the 44mm octagonal case that is, in itself, an ode to car design. The octagonal watch case sports curves, lines, and facets all in the right places, reflecting light and creating highlights just like a car’s body. It’s not too organic, and has a sense of robustness, sort of like a muscle-car, while the visible mechanical movement on the inside gives the impression of the air-scoops that sit on the hood of muscle-cars. The case comes crafted from 316L stainless steel, with a Cerakote coating that gives the watch its metallic-paint effect, while increasing its resistance to scratches, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Sapphire crystal glass covers the top as well as the bottom of the watch’s body, not only giving you scratch-resistant immaculate visibility but also sealing the watch and making it up to 5 ATM water-resistant. Just like a car’s paint-job forms an important part of its character, the INFINITY II watch comes in a whole variety of paint-options, with interchangeable Fluoro rubber straps to match…. and you may want to grab your own watch soon because just like any high-end car, the INFINITY II is issued for a limited run with only 500 pieces in each color-variant.

Designer: OLTO-8 Design Team

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INFINITY II – Time Display Redefined

With adventurous lifestyles in mind, OLTO-8 returns with the limited edition INFINITY Ⅱ, a bold new design that aims to refresh the classic style and performance of high-end automatics.

Featuring a special 5-layer dial construction and multi-hand array, INFINITY Ⅱ mechanical automatic offers a new way to read time and impresses at first sight with a stunning motorsports-inspired design. Available in 2 different versions (Roman Numeral Version & Arabic Numeral Version) in a 44*44 MM uni-body shell, INFINITY Ⅱ uses the latest Swiss Luminova and 5ATM waterproof technology that lets your style shine through anywhere and anytime.

Time Reading Unique In Every Second

INFINITY Ⅱ uses a 5-layer dial layout that indicates hours (inner upper index), minutes (outer whole-circle index), and seconds (inner lower index).

Combined with a multi-hand system – 2 hour-hands in a 180°arrangement, 1 minute-hand in a special triangle shape, and 3 second-hands in a 120° layout, INFINITY Ⅱ presents one of the most distinctive time displays that has ever been created and one that is an instant conversation starter.

Shine Through The Darkness

INFINITY II uses the latest Swiss Super-LumiNova coating on both Index and Hand surfaces that enable you to read the time even in a very dark environment, adding modern convenience to a watch with a classic soul inside. Compared to the other 3 versions, the White version features a dedicated Night Vision design that delivers a friendly user experience.

Passion-inspired Design & Craftsmanship

A great mechanical automatic relies on superior design and thoughtful craftsmanship. INFINITY II is crafted with the latest cutting-edge technology and sophisticated processing, ensuring that perfection is expressed from any angle.

Case – Designed with 44 individual facets and one sophisticated crown that are all hand-polished with dedicated tools and specially coated with Ceracote Ceramic Coating*, a thin-film protective ceramic coating widely used in military weapon manufacturing. This ultra-durable finish greatly improves the rigidity, heat, and scratch-resistance of INFINITY II for an enduring look that lasts for years.

Strap – INFINITY II’s easy-change strap is made of Fluoro rubber, which is a superior polymer material that is waterproof and highly resistant to oils, temperature changes, and harsh environments. These vividly colored straps are durable, colorfast, and comfortable on the skin.

Sapphire Crystal – Made with an anti-reflection Sapphire Crystal that protects the inner-workings of the watch. Compared to traditional Mineral Crystal, it’s more scratch and smudge resistant, ultra-protective, and lasts longer.

Perpetual Movement – OLTO-8 has an experienced in-house R&D team dedicated to optimizing the Infinity II movement. They begin with a Japanese Miyota 82S5 Movement and customize it for INFINITY II, to work perfectly with its 180° semi-circular time display.

5 ATM Waterproof – Born with a classic soul, INFINITY II also encourages a bold heart to explore! It features a 5 ATM waterproof rating, which can withstand a pressure of 5 bar or a depth of 50 meters.


Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $599 (50% off).