Headphone or Speaker? You choose!

Designed by Lu Chieh Hua, Headphone or Speaker combines the lightweight mobility of headphones with the sound amplification of a speaker into a single unit that makes it possible to both listen to your music privately or share with others. A unique twisting mechanism allows the unit to be propped upright for directing sound and automatically shifts playing modes and volume between operations, transforming it from headphone to speaker in a flash.

Designer: Lu Chieh Hua


  • Josh waite says:

    Very simila tithe dre beats. Like the idea just need a different look to them.

  • digi_owl says:

    Jabra used to sell something very similar some years ago.

  • Quintin says:

    Proper speakers need to be much louder than headphones.

    People could get hearing damage if the volume was set to use it as a speaker when it is actually used as a headphone.

    Apart from that, doesn’t look too bad, I actually use my ordinary folding headphones as speakers like that sometimes. You just have to sit within about half a meter from it to hear them properly…

  • Teto says:

    yes, u can!

  • Jeremy says:

    I was just gonna say… Jabra made headphones that do the same thing. These just look like Dre Beats…

  • Steve says:

    The volume levels over the frequency range change drastically between headphones and speakers, particularly in the bass region which is why headphones tend to sound tinny if you just turn them up and use them as speakers. Perhaps if you could integrate a larger flexible speaker into the head band to cover the bass spectrum that only played when in “speaker” mode, it could work. Cool idea and design though.

  • jsj23 says:

    great design .. sound quality? ?

  • Atwas911 says:

    Great.. Until the cheap china made switch in the headband gives and and suddenly switches into speaker mode while on your head and blows out your eardrums.

  • Kali says:

    Interesting concept! The actual headphones are no big deal but I think its a great idea for dorm rooms and small apartments. I can’t imagine an amazing sound for an entire room coming out of them but a great idea!

  • Joel says:

    The point is that change modes when you spread them out.

  • Jon says:

    When will this hit the open market?

  • arviza says:

    Awesome, I like it

  • Rayan Obil says:

    Technology is really everywhere isn’t it!!

  • Bo says:

    Gets louder the more it is expanded… I’d be scared of the effects if someone were to pull it on just one side.

  • M.ZIAULHAQ says:


  • Curious on sound quality. When in use as headphones can everyone on the bus hear? When in use as speakers how loud are they?

  • Amit Dalal says:

    Hello All

    Kindly let me know where can I buy these Headphones?

    They are really awesome.

    Do reply as I want to purchase it.

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