Wall Sculpture Made for Touch

French artists Ora-ïto’s entry into the Wallpaper/Reebok exhibition in London this interesting wall installation composed entirely of the natural acrylic stone material HI-MACS. The material was chosen for its thermoforming capabilities that allowed the artist to work without restriction to create this stunning, 3D creation. According to the artist, the visual and tactile effect of sculpture’s surface are a representation of the “iconic sneaker soles” of the Reebox RealFlex shoe.

Designer: Ora-ïto


  • Hal (GT) says:

    That’s pretty cool actually. The idea of touching art is something I like. Often times I would like to run my hands over sculpture. Though this particular piece intrigues me and maybe it’s because I’m from Florida but it reminds me of alligators.

    Specifically looking at it, it looks to me like a person trapped in an alligators body. Weird I know, but that was my first thought.

  • Hunter says:

    Weird, yes. But I think that’s the point of art (especially this piece): to make the viewer think.

  • its good office design. we can wait this from adidas

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